A Year of Pattern

January Update

I am posting my confession on social media tomorrow and more widely announcing the contest for a chance to win an original for this series. Here is a copy of what is going up on facebook, google + and Ello.

My name is Alex Radin and this is my first public social media confession. Life takes many interesting twists and turns, and sometimes the best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. I started out this year on the first day of spring with the goal of painting a painting every day based on the theme of pattern, which many of you are familiar with--my 365dayspainting.com project. Full of inspiration and great excitement, I launched out into this project with the full support of my wife and family.

For 77 days I did not miss a day and even though some challenges came up that made it difficult, every day a new painting was posted to the website. After day 77, I began to realize that I had been overzealous about this project and failed to realize that with the amount of attention to detail that I put into my work and the fact that I am a husband, father of four amazing children, friend, and that I also have a creative marketing company, that I could only maintain that pace for so long before the many things I was attempting to juggle came crashing down.

Thankfully, I have enough clarity in my life to not let "the things that came crashing down" be my wife, family, and friends, but being wired the way I am, it is very difficult to let go of something and be conquered by a challenge. In the spirit of learning and growing, I am writing to confess that I have been beaten by time and the calendar, and if you have been watching you already know I will not be able to complete 365 paintings by the first day of spring. How many I will complete is a question I have been pondering.

So, I am posting a fun way that anyone can win a painting from this series. You have between now and March 1st to guess how many paintings I will have completed by March 20th (the first day of spring 2016) which will be the marker for me of the end of this series. The person that is closest will win one free share giving them the opportunity to claim a painting. If you have already purchased shares, you still are eligible to win, but no two people can guess the same number. I am offering refunds at any time for anyone that purchased a share expecting to see all 365 paintings. You can wait till the end to decide if you like and I have hopes that there will be many more pieces you will be interested in.

So here is how to enter to win a painting. Visit 365dayspainting.com and fill out the form to enter. Make sure you enter in accurate contact info or I may be unable to award you the painting, in which case it will go to the runner up. Thanks again for everyone who has supported my work over the years. The best is yet to come!


November Update

I recently got back from showing many of these works in Atlanta. It was cold and rained most of the time but was still a great trip and we had the time to catch up with some friends we had not seen for a very long time. I have come to a realization of how incredibly hard it is to create a painting a day for a year especially with four children all under the age of 11. Looking back now it seems crazy to think that I thought that within a year I could paint 365 paintings on this theme based on knowing how I work and how much time I dedicate to a painting. I will continue moving forward learning what I can as I prepare for the Kaleidoscopic Symphony show.

To everyone out there with unclaimed shares please let me know at any point in time if you would like a refund and I would be happy to provide one to you if the way this series is evolving would have affected your decision to purchase a share. I still have many more ideas for paintings in this series which are in process that I am excited about so stay tuned.

I have a fun way that someone can win one of the paintings from this series. I launched this project on the first day of spring. If you can be the person to have the closest guess as to how many paintings I will have complete by the first day of spring 2016 then you will win your choice of one of the available paintings from this series. Simply fill out the sign up form on the right or on mobile below with your guess by March 1st as to how many paintings I will have complete by March 20 2016 and you could be the winner.


October Update

I have been selected for the 5th Annual Greater Charlotte Fine Art Festival in Lake Norman, NC. I will be displaying many of the paintings from this project. If you happen to be in the area on October 24-25 make sure you come visit me. You can get directions here.


September Update

It has been a great discipline creating so many paintings based on a single theme and it continues to streatch me as an artist. If you have been following from the beginning I have painted fruit, landscapes, marbles, candy, animals, random objects such as light bulbs, keys, pinecones etc. More recently I have painted groupings of fish and a series of windows as I have played with the theme pattern. Patterns are everywhere. I have been working on many more ideas and am excited about this next grouping of work. I will begin posting them daily on Monday September 7. I am also open to suggestions. Do you have a certain subject matter you would like to see me paint as a part of this series? Send me an email and let me know about it and it just might be the subject for my next painting. If you want to have a copy of all 365 paintings you can pre order the coffee table book.


August Update

Many of you know I put the 365 days painting project on hold to finish up work for a show I am in that opened at Ella Walton Richardson Gallery on August 7th. My intention was to start 365 back up right away on the Monday following the opening (August 10th) but a number of personal things prevented that. I plan on beginning posting new works on this coming Monday August 17th barring any unforeseen craziness so be on the lookout. Also, if you are in Charleston SC visit Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art located at 58 BROAD STREET CHARLESTON, SC 29401 ... The show will be up through September 26th.


Summer Update

My intent when I began this project was always to post 1 a day for the year with no breaks, which was an ambitious goal to say the least. I have recently been accepted as one of four artists from around the world to be featured in an emerging figurative artists exhibition during the August 2015 art walk at Ella Richardson gallery downtown Charleston SC. I am preparing new work for this exhibit and have made the decision that over the course of the next five weeks I will be posting my paintings a day more sporadically as I want to be able to invest the time necessary in both the work I am producing for this new exhibit as well as the time necessary in producing my paintings for 365.

My desire is to produce is the highest quality work for both projects. What this means is that my 365 days painting a year of pattern may end a few weeks later than originally intended. If you have purchased shares and have not yet claimed a painting or if you have pre-purchased the coffee table book and your decision to purchase was based on seeing this project completed in exactly a year I would be happy to provide you with a refund. I also wanted to let everyone know that the prices for shares will be going up in the Fall. They are currently being sold at $200 per share (1 share = 1 painting) so for those of you that said you are planning on getting more now would be a good time. The paintings have been taking from 3 hours to 11 hours to complete depending on the subject and the complexity of the pattern. The final pricing will be $365 per share. I have plans in the works for Tropical Fish, Birds or Prey, Flowers, Musical Instruments, Random Objects, Landscapes, and more...

If you want to receive invites to upcoming exhibits and art events I am participating in you can sign up for my mailing list at http://www.alexradin.com.

And now for some fruit...

bnw fruit