The Paintings

*** Note: Please see the Project Updates page for details regarding posting schedule.


New paintings will be added regularly to this page. Only holders of one or more shares of the 365 available paintings can claim an available painting. If you would like to purchase a share click here

Paintings marked with a red dot have already been claimed.

Claim an available painting by:

  • clicking on the image and then commenting directly below it by
    writing the word "claimed" or saying that you want it.
  • texting or calling 843-270-3137
  • emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The earlest time stamped comment, text, phone call, or email EST from a shareholder stating that you want the painting will be the new owner. You can choose to claim one now or wait as I will be posting new paintings regularly for the duration of the year starting March 20, 2015. Once you claim a painting you can not change your mind and claim a different painting. Only 365 shares are being sold and 365 paintings available.

If you would like to purchase more shares or the large format coffee table book featuring all of the paintings click here.

You can use the sort options below to view claimed or available paintings easily. Happy Hunting!

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